Monday, June 25, 2007

Writing again!

I was blogging about a year ago, then I stopped suddenly, well, I am back! I had some changes in my life that required I take time off from my leisure pursuits, such as writing. But I think I can afford to be a man of leisure again, not that I don't have to work, but that I can do leisurely things such as writing. I'll see if I can import my old blog at some point, if not I'll just edit this post and point to the old url for continuity. Although continuity is more of a label than anything else, because many things have changed in a year. Including my perspective, what sort of things I find interesting to write about, and the things that are going on. The continuity is provided by my principles which remain the same. So anyway, here is my official "I'm back" post. Now on to real writing...
(Edit: Here is the link to my old blog in case you want to see some of my old writings)